Inverse Media Produces Animation Of Nobel Prize Winning Discovery

Investment Community Takes a Fantastic Voyage Inside Cells of the Body

SOUTHPORT, CT., February 1, 2005 -----   Inverse Media, LLC was selected by Sentigen Biosciences to develop and produce a three dimensional (3D) computer animated video explaining how their proprietary drug discovery platform has the potential to revolutionize modern-day pharmaceutical discovery and development.   The Sentigen Bioscience innovation is based upon the work of Sentigen Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Axel, who was awarded the 2004 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his pioneering work on the olfactory system.

To produce the animation, Inverse Media met with Sentigen's team of scientists to review their scientific processes and understand their marketing communication goals.   Inverse Media's team then conceptualized and translated their processes into a video script, distilling key objectives into an engaging   visual presentation for t he target audience, the investment community.

Inverse Media developed the script copy, created storyboard treatments for review, worked with voice over artists for narration and a composer for the musical score, and animated the one minute video using state of the art computer technology. The completed animation allows a viewer to virtually travel to the cellular level and witness how external stimuli, such as potential drug candidates, bind with proteins on the cell surface and trigger reactions to the cell nucleus, thereby eliciting a desired therapeutic response.

Christopher Thomas, president of Inverse Media, commented, "Working with Sentigen's team of experts was a terrific project in that it allowed Inverse Media to demonstrate many of its core competencies for creative conceptual development and animation production. While we offer our clients the highest quality animation techniques, we pride ourselves in our distinct ability to effectively communicate their marketing goals in an exciting and contemporary method."

Inverse Media, LLC is a creative marketing communications firm that uses the latest in new media technology to promote its clients' brand identities and sales messages.   Inverse Media produces measurable results by connecting marketing strategy with creative insights and state-of-the-art technical execution. Inverse Media is located in Southport, Connecticut.   For more information, visit or contact Tina Thomas, V.P. Business Development at 203-255-9620


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